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Forums     Plugins     VariSaturator just right after I buy it , it sounds like a mess

today I decided to buy VariSaturator , after listening how it did a good job of warming up my Ovation which was going direct.  I also went ahead and installed v1.1 , now everytime I try loading VariSaturator in Reaper I get an agonizing distorted sound.

I rescanned my VSTs after dropping the new dll into my plugins directory to no avail.

After which I decided to go back to 1.0 and that seems to work as expected.  I'm running in Reaper.

thanks in advance,


I've checked this problem out and it seems that this problem is caused by Reaper not following VST protocol exactly.  They are not calling setProcessPrecision( kVstProcessPrecision64 ) function before using processDoubleReplacing() function.  That's why my plug-in fails to behave correctly.

I will fix this problem in VariSaturator v1.2 release, but this isn't really my problem.  If this problem is not fixed in Reaper, other 64-bit processing plug-ins may not behave correctly as well.

I'll go ahead and post this in the Reaper forum.

where can I check the changelog for v1.1 of VariSaturator and when can we expect v1.2 to be released ? scroll down for the change log.  However, one of the change I've made it not shown on this log.  I've changed things that rely on correct VST protocol implementation.  For example, Sonar5 (and probably above) does work fine in this regard.

I stand corrected: Reaper's problem is that it calls the setProcessPrecision( kVstProcessPrecision64 ) after calling plug-in's resume() function.  This is a bit non-intuitive.  But as I've replied v1.2 will fix this behavior. v1.0 was indifferent to the sequence of resume() and setProcessPrecision() function calls.
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