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Forums     Plugins     VariSaturator Varisaturator vs Warmifier vs Lampthruster?

All of these sound interesting but seem to be targeting a similar area.  Can you give any guidance as to the differences and the comparitive strengths of each?

VariSaturator is a strong distortion plug-in with two algorithms.

Warmifier includes a single algorithm which offers subtle coloration only - it cannot distort audio as much as VariSaturator.

Lampthruster is similar to Warmifier in its subtlety of harmonic coloration, but it features a different algorithm and it is also equalizer whereas Warmifier is not.


I was wondering which order to place these plugins:

Tube amp, > lampthruster > Varisaturator > Warmifyer ?


This looks like an overkill (may sound a bit distorted), but in this case their ordering can be any.  Probably it could be useful to put Lampthruster last as it can be used to adjust EQ balance after all these plug-ins.
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