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Hi Aleksey

This seem to be a very nice plugin, that I am ready to purchase!

But I have some of the same graphic issues as I had with the "Overtone GEQ" and that worries me.  I really hope this can be fixed.

This isn't Wavelab specific as this time I had the first issues on the Samplitude platform [Sam v.10] later on the same happened using the plugin in Wavelab.

But one observation is interesting: I didn't have a single issue before playing around with colors in the plug-in, and I did test run it quite a few times before, changing the colors.

So now what should I do; I don't want to buy a plugin that gives me trouble on my machine.  But it's a wonderful plugin that I would like to use.  Maybe you could make be a beta-tester and hopefully you/we could solve the problems along the road with the right communication..?

What do you think?

Kind regards,


Please contact me via

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