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Forums     Plugins     VariSaturator Very Very nice plugin :)

I've tested this briefly at the studio today on a few mixes.

I really really like the way it fills out the mids on a mix.  I'm guessing this is because it's adding harmonics in places where there's room for them giving it a really solid sound.  Is this essentially the same process as sony inflator?  It kinda reminds me of that FM radio station sound.

I also tried it on some vocals and drum tracks.  The saturation I find to be a little smoother than say the saturation unit in Voxformer, and that's great for some things,- but I'm still looking for that elusive "on the edge" yet super clean "sounding" vocal sound.  I'll play around some more though, this is certainly in the right ball park.

I really like the colour changing ability.  Would it ever be possible to tap in hex numbers?

I also really like the new dials, and I also really like that it all works in WINE also :)

What's next I wonder?

Kind regards

Dave Rich

oops,- possible bug,- the UI scale function doesn't work until you unload/reload the plugin.

That's in reaper with WINE.

Kind regards

Dave Rich

Thanks for your feedback.  As for the sound, well, it's hard to please everyone, but I usually try to do my best.  I'm not sure the sound is same as Inflator, but some people compared both in VariSaturator's favor.  So, I guess you can replace Inflator with it in most cases (hope this does not sound like a bad marketing).

Color customization is not planned as this requires a lot of pre-computation (we use LAB color model which is CPU intensive for real-time changes).

UI scaling is not a bug - it is meant to work that way since graphics should be fully reloaded and I do not want to keep all graphics loaded just to allow instant UI scale changes that are likely to be done once a year at most. :)

What's next?  More plug-ins with this framework.  Some old, some new I hope. :)
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