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Nice and very good sounding Tool but chrashes in Version 1 under wavelab 5 sometimes.  Wavelab doesn't chrash complete but plays no more and shows a error message.  Fortunately it's time to save the preset and restart.

No big problem but I want to tell.

Love your plugs!

Thanks for your feedback.  Could you please tell in what situation it crashes?  In master section (or in montage), in real-time (or during processing), when loading/saving preset, tweaking knobs or at any time, without a reason?  Which other plug-ins do you have in the chain?

I used it with a 96/24 khz/bit file in the WL mastersection in a chain with another 6 plugins.  It crashed two times in realtime play.  VariSaturator was the killer because I put it in the chain after testing some other saturation plugs.  Before that it never chrashed.  Maybe it was after playing around with the quality -parameter of VariSaturation.  I was wondering, that the playback with VariSaturator was stuttering at 8X Oversampling on my QuadMac Pro;-)

Which audio buffer size setting do you use?

8x oversampling at 96 kHz may be a bit extreme.  It's like running 16 VariSaturators at 44.1kHz.  Beside that sequential processes cannot be calculated in parallel, so using 4 cores is not possible in such scenario.

Also: can you get it to crash when it is alone in the master section?

Please also send me the crash report to - this can be very useful.

nope, the single plugin didn't crash but i tried it only one time as single plug.  What kind a crash report?  Where to find?

When something inside plug-in crashes, a "standard" report is usually created which you can see and save.  Please next time when it crashes please send me the report (you may copy from the report window and then paste it to the message).
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