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VariSaturator crashes Sound Forge 9.0e immediately after I select it.  There are no problems with it in Chainer.  I really like the interface.

What's interesting, is that Sound Forge doesn't consider it a problematic plug-in.  Normally when a plug-in crashes like that in Sound Forge, you have to go to options>preferences>Vst Effects and re-select the plug-in to get it to show up after a major crash and you usually get a warning that the plug-in has a problem.  Not so with VariSaturator.  Also, the crash doesn't screw up the audio engine.  In a lot of crashes like that, the ASIO Driver will become "unavailable" and you have to restart your computer.  Again, this is isn't a problem with VariSaturator.  Since it doesn't screw anything else up, I guess we can call it a nice crash. ;)

VariSaturator was tested in a lot of hosts, on Windows XP, Vista 64 and Mac OS X: no problems.  I'm not sure audio or interface code are buggy, but this can be related to some kind of VST interfacing bug in SoundForge.  I'll try to understand it and if possible, fix it from my side.  Thank you for reporting the bug!

There is no problem.  I ordered a new Dell 720 and I am getting ready for the switch and I have been spending all my time getting ready for the new computer.  I had Sound Forge 9.0e, but I didn't realize I hadn't installed it yet.  The problem was limited to 9.0d.  It works fine in 9.0e.

Sorry to have bothered you with this.  Since I wasted your time, I'm going to go ahead and buy VariSaturator now.  Of course, I would have bought it eventually anyway.

thanks Aleksey,


No problem then, sorry for my misunderstanding. :) And, well, I hope VariSaturator brings you some cool tones. :)
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