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Forums     Plugins     TransGainer Anyone having problems with sonar x1 and transgainer?

I can get a semi regular crash.  Loading presets while playback is going will lock my machine up.

Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit Sonar?  Please make sure plug-in's bit version matches that of Sonar.  Bit bridges may be buggy.

I am using Sonar x1 64 bit and the 64 bit version of the plugin.  All of the latest versions.

Also I am using the demo version.  Don't know if that makes a difference.

Please hover with the mouse the version number of TransGainer and see what is displayed on the hint line.  It should read win64.

Misplacing plug-in's bit version is a frequent issue which causes problems.  Unfortunately, bit-bridges (in any direction) tend to be buggy.

Demo version or not - that should not make a difference.

It says Build icc-win64

Sorry, at the moment I have no idea what is wrong.  I'll try to obtain the latest Sonar X1 and debug the issue.  No guarantee I can debug it soon, this issue does not seem to happen in other hosts and other users, so it may be related to Sonar or even to your particular computer setup.

Hi, any fix on this yet?  I cant use any Voxengo plugin on sonar x1 32 bit-win 7 64. thanks...

Make sure you've installed Win32 versions of the plug-ins.
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