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Forums     Plugins     TransGainer Drastic kick drum attack reshaping?

I wonder if Transgainer can do what I'm trying to accomplish.  I have a huge kick ("Duff!") drum in a track, and I'd like to reshape its attack drastically to a "Schuff!" (slow attack)

From the demo sound examples, this would be something like "Ploppy drums", except 20x as drastic.  Is Transgainer the tool for this?

I believe you can achieve this transient de-emphasis effect with TransGainer.  Simply try the plug-in's demo.

Thank you, I'll try it

Hmm... no success, on Win 7 64-bit and Ableton Live 8, Transgainer doesn't show up as a plugin at all.  No matter how many times I click "Rescan Plugins", re-launch Live or how many levels deep I put the DLL in the Plugins folder.

Is Transgainer distributed under a different name by another company too, perhaps?  I'm using two transient shaper plugins from other companies already, perhaps Transgainer is colliding with its renamed/re-GUI'd self during launch?

Please make sure you've downloaded and installed 32-bit version of the plug-in.
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