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I love this plugin for restoration but I usually try to push it too far.  I mainly use it on horribly mastered (classic loudness war) songs and it can get messy.  What if there was a "tapered" option?  What I mean by this is when you look at transients in things that have little compression/limiting, the transients look like skinny triangles... if you follow them to the top, they get thinner and thinner, until the top is basically a straight line going up (I know it doesn't apply to bass, but most of the frequency range).  By comparison, when working on heavily compressed things, there is no real straight line/point at the top after tweaking them.  It's very much like a "normal" triangle where the transient doesn't "taper" off in the same way or feature any straight lines at the top of them.  I could try to achieve more "points" results if I use 11db+ on Trans Gain and then balance it with the right amount of Sustain Gain, but then it becomes a bit obvious that it's being worked, and it sometimes can sound unnatural (not to mention you are affecting everything at once... vocals included).  The sharp mode is good but sometimes can be a bit hard since it grabs everything... what if there was this tapered option that "blends" out transients at the top so they look/sound like natural things with high dynamic range?  This reminds me of a soft knee in compression.  This would mean you can push the TransGain a lot higher without worrying about it sounding tortured.  Usually you wouldn't need tapered but on things with like -8 RMS (DBFS) it could see it helping.  I will try an expander on peaks and that will probably work but just suggesting this anyways.

I understand your idea, but TransGainer basically does what you want - it performs transient emphasis.  Transients naturally look "tapered".

I guess I was thinking more extreme then, just cause when you use it on full mixes with -7.5 RMS, transients get lost and it's not really that tapered or "clean looking".  I think I might just need an expander for that then.
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