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Just thought of some features for Transgainer, just ideas.  By now you can tell that I like to suggest things.  Anyways...

1.  What if an optional threshold (in dB) parameter was added after detection?  If enabled it would only process transients if they go over that dB.  Sometimes additional spikes are created through transgainer when you might just want to pull up only the loudest ones up.  I think this could solve it a bit.

2.  What if there was an exaggerate current transients only mode?  Even if you have transient gain, sustain gain, and contour to 0 of "off", so it's like there's no settings enabled, Transgainer can change the waveform a lot.  What if instead there was a mode that only exaggerates the current transients it detects (threshold would help with this)?  I guess this mode would kinda be like ratio control over transients (maybe that's making things too complicated).

3.  What if there was an RMS/VU readings priority mode or option?  If you open any song in Audacity or some audio editors, the inside of waveforms show VU meter readings.  What if Transgainer could use this information to further detect transients, used this to only detect transients, or processed them in way that kinda parallels VU meter readings?

Anyways just that brainstorming.  And any update on Transmodder?  I haven't tried that one yet.  But maybe some of the things I suggested here would be better suited for that.

Thanks for the ideas.  Transmodder's detector is more flexible in these aspects.  However, I'm not very keen in making TransGainer that complex.  RMS detection while can be also used for transient detection, is not different from compressor/expander, so I will not pursue it in TransGainer nor Transmodder.

Also, your point 2 sounds a bit vague.  TransGainer already adjust transients it detects - there is no other level of detection exist.

I probably pay too much attention to waveforms then Maybe I need to look into expanders.  Haven't tried one yet.  But thanks for reading the suggestions as usual.

You are welcome!
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