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Found something that wasn't documented in the manual: the mode you are in affects the meter.  What I mean by this is that the transient detection meter reacts differently (showing stronger/weaker values) depending on the mode selected, instead of the meter showing all transients and then only processing the sound with the selected mode.  Could a small note of that maybe be slipped into the manual?  I think it would be useful.  Today I noticed a huge difference in how the meter reacted on a piece of material.  Mellow was showing weak transients (around 0.25-0.5), LF focus was showing lots of transients (consistently at 0.80+), sharp was inbetween LF and mellow, and round was between mellow and sharp.  I think switching modes could be helpful to find where transients exist or how pronounced they are in certain ranges since the meter shows you this, but you wouldn't really know since it's not in the manual.(Bypass should probably be on too if it's only used as a meter.)

Also maybe more of a definition for "Round" mode?  I kinda get what it's doing but the definition in the manual is poor.  It uses the word in the definition and doesn't elaborate.  It seems to work like GlissEQ's "Relaxed" dynamic mode, so you could probably use a similar description.

Those are just 2 suggestions I have, that's all.

Thank you for your suggestion - I will add a notice that the mode affects the transient detection, of course that's the case.

I can't give definitions to various modes since each of them is a complex mix of variables.

Well I mean round only.  The rest are kinda obvious (neutral-soft/low/high/sharp), just that in GlissEQ, you describe Relaxed as "sound with a slow gain

swing, but with a bit swishy sound.", and even reference "round" sounding, so it seems pretty similar to me of what round may be.  Just maybe the "slow gain" thing would be useful.

Kinda off topic and probably the last thing I'll post but I just LOVE the GUIs of your plugins too!  The skin is really pretty and it's smart how a lot of features are standardized and in similar locations, unlike other companies who have different interfaces for their plugins and ugly skins.

Well, "round" is round - without roughness.  It's all subjective.
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