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Forums     Plugins     TransGainer Why Is The Default Setting For Trans Gain +6 dB Instead of 0 dB?

I was wondering why the default start setting for the Trans Gain function is set at +6 dB?  The default start setting for Sustain Gain is 0 dB (flat).  Shouldn't the Trans Gain function also default to 0 dB (flat) similar to Sustain Gain?

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I'll fix this in the next update.  But you can always set your own default state with the "Set as Default" function in plug-in's Preset Manager.

Thanks for your reply Aleksey.

I have tried the TransGainer demo and it sounds terrific with a unique "signature" sound.  It will be an excellent versatile effect tool for all stages of the recording, mixing, and mastering process.  Once again Voxengo has created a top quality audio product for musicians and music producers.  I will be purchasing TransGainer for sure.

Thank you for your feedback!
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