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Thanks Aleksey for expanding upon the original SPL version and giving us even more control!  Amazing.  Just brought it!

Just one concern,

The first thing I always do with a new plugin is to create a null test (so I can hear what its doing by hearing the difference between the two) but when I tried this with Transgainer I couldn't get it to cancel (even in one times oversampling), I guess this is due to phase shifting at certain frequencies in your design.

My concern with this is that one of the main uses I and others would probably use it for (as I did with the spl one) was for individual drum tracks in multitrack drum recording and due to this phase shifting I can forsee that if I put it on my oversnare my under snare will now be phase shifted out (at certain frequencies) with the oversnare not to mention the overheads and other drum microphones which will colour the sound.

Any chance you could give us a linear phase mode (even if it means adding a latency for this mode)

I'm sure I won't be the only person to ask for it once they try it on multiple microphone sources and in fact maybe the original did this two but I was too inexperienced then to notice! ;)

Apart from this, congratulations on an amazing plug in, I love the fact that you can get the envelope times down to affect the high frequency transients more than the slower ones allowing you to brighten or mellow the sound.  Also, MS processing is amazing!

One last tiny request, any way you could implement a modifier key to allow a parameter in one group to affect all other groups (both relative and absolute)?

This would be great for keeping say group 1 and 2's gain either relative to each other or the same as each other.

This would be great in all the new plug ins (apologies if it's in already and I missed it) ;)

Thank you for your message.

I understand your concern about phase-shift - which is, of course, unavoidable for this design.  Right now I'm not quite sure about implementing a fully linear-phase design because of possible complications with precise transient detection - so, please do not expect I'll do it.  Beside that I'm not quite sure the, quite modest, phase-shift of TransGainer will work unacceptably in a practical situation.

As for the modifier key for group control, it's not obvious which groups it should affect.  Beside that, not seeing what you are changing is not a good way to adjust parameters.  I'll have to find a better solution.

You might be right about the affect it will have on multitrack, might not be too bad. :)

The modifier for group control idea was because I found in dual mono or ms if you wanted to change the overall volume you would have to do group one then group two which isn't too bad but if you could hold down something like control and shift whilst changing group one's output gain then all the other groups would follow too (or it could be made relative with another modifier.

Wasn't too bothered about any other controls but come to think of it it would be great to be able to "group/link" any controls from one group to another (especially for surround work)

Perhaps one way for all the new plug ins is a pop up grouping matrix window that could list all parameters on one axis against the actual groups on the other axis with tick boxes intersecting.  The DAW Reaper does this with it's channel groups.

Anyway thanks for replying,

By the way, Ages ago I was having problems with span causing clicks in Nuendo 4, You'll be hopefully happy to know it was not your plug in but the way "Cubendo" handles the graphic updates as Reaper has NO problem even at 64 buffer range, very impressive!

thanks again for a great product, will be buying each one as the money starts to roll in again! ;)

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.  Right now we have the "ALT" key unused - we may use it for "adjust all other groups" modifier.  But I guess "absolute" positioning is not as useful as relative changes we have already implemented on some knob pairs.

Anyway, it's very complicated for an average user.  Just imagine if you need to adjust linked knobs in all groups precisely: you'll have to hold the "Shift", "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys all together.

You are right there! ;)

I do consider myself a power user, lol

Relative change just for gain using alt modifier would be brilliant though, I'm sure you will make good of it what ever you decide to do!

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