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Forums     Plugins     Transmodder TA Sense - Increase Sense range to Force OFF/ON

Is it possible to increase the get the TA Sense controls range so they would work like this:

0.0 = OFF

1.0 = ON

In a discussion we were having in a different thread about dynamic cuts for GlissEQ (in the GlissEQ forum) I was trying to force a TA to stay on all of the time so I could use a Filter to behave in a non-dynamic manner.  At the same time another TA would be set up along with another filter to set up a dynamic cut for the same freq band.  This would allow Transmodder to do a bit of EQ shaping and at the same time perform dynamic cuts.

Having a longer Decay time could help a Filter appear less dynamic also, 10,000ms maybe?

Thanks for considering this. -Kyle

I think adding a '+1' option to the source TA selection of the filter will do the trick.  This '+1' option will substitute for a hypotetical TA which always generates a +1 envelope (i.e. full boost/cut).
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