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Aleksey - would you consider letting the user control the width and slope of the bandpass mode - or add another bpass mode that is maybe twice as wide - I'm thinking steeper slopes but maybe that isn't as important as having more width.

Now that I think of it maybe that's the same as turning 2 TAs adjacent to each other...

I guess now that I don't use overlay much anymore I could use 2 TAs and fake hitting both listens (they're mutually exclusive) by putting a wide bandpass filter in front of Transmodder (like a temporary GlissEQ with hipass/lowpass set to make a bandpass).  It's more playing around though...

What do you think?

Right now I'm not really keen on adding such 'bandwidth' control - this will make the UI too heavy while I'm not sure this will add much more useful function to the plug-in.  You may indeed try using two transient analyzers to detect transients from a wider spectral range.  BTW, in some cases using LPass and HPass filters may be a good substitute for a more controllable BPass.

OK - I'll try using 2 TAs (LPass/HPass) to see if I can get it - I agree the UI is filled up so more control in that spot wouldn't work.  Thanks for thinking about this.

I guess you knew this was coming next...:)

What about allowing me to stack 2 TAs?  Pipe one TA into another TA so to speak - then I could make whatever size psuedo-BPass TA I like?

In this case I have an overly-distorted rhythm guitar submix where the 'meat' (mids 200-3KHz) have a nice groove and rhythm.  I want to emphasize that with Transmodder but prevent the TAs from responding to some real junk (non-rhythmicly speaking) in the bass below 200Hz and upper-mids above 3KHz.  So then I would be able to put a nice bump centered about 1.5KHz that would emphasize the transients there a bit, to the groove of the guitar itself.

I've tried all kings of different filtering, compression, expansion on this puppy and I really think Transmodder is the best approach.  I can already get Transmodder to make it sound good - but while I was doing it I wondered if Transmodder could give the user a bit more control in the mids.

Either having a new wider BPass2 mode or allowing stackable TAs would allow me to use a single listen/overlay so I can hear what's going on - also a single Transmodder TA would only hear what I want it to.  In the case of making a psuedo-BPass with 2 TAs (LPass, HPass) the LPass works OK but still hears some junk in the bass, but then the HPass works OK but still hears some noise in the uppermids and highs.

What I could do in Sonar4 I suppose is to clone the mono rhythm guitar track to a stereo (dual mono panned full L/R) rhythm guitar track, use Transmodder in psuedo-sidechain mode where the Left track is filtered however I like and used to emphasize the 1.5KHz of the cloned track on the Right, followed by a plug that lets me select the right channel as output in mono (I think Sonitus has one), then buss that to the rhythm guitar submix.  I'll post something if this additional wide bandwidth give me any advantage in Transmodder.

Maybe in the future this could be revisited if any of these experiments produce any results.  Thanks - Kyle

Have you tried assigning two TAs to a single filter (this is possible, BTW)?  I guess this should give something close to what you need (beside the 'listen' function).  I may alternatively make the 'Listen' switch to sum signals together if it's enabled in more than one TA.

Yes - I think summing the Listen signals might just do the trick - that way I can make 2 TAs listen to the midrange, and importantly hear exactly what Transmodder is listening to.

I have assigned 2 TAs to the same filter but in the case of using seperate LPass/HPass TAs there is too much additional material either above or below the band I want passed.  In the case of using 2 BPass TAs and assigning to the same filter - this is exactly what I need to do I think, I just can't tell what the composite sounds is that Transmodder is listening to.  With summed listening I would be able to.  I have a feeling this may work for me!

Thanx - Kyle

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