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Hi Aleksey,

Something seems funny when I try to use the Overlay to tune the TA in Sonar4.01 w/VST Adapter 4.4.2 - the Overlay tone seems spurious and obviously not useful.  Any time the audio engine in Sonar4 is on and Overlay is selected, after about 30sec or so I hear something that sounds like a geiger counter. the meter shows activity - but nothing is playing (I haven't hit play yet).  Sonar is least mine is.

But I have found that in some cases it's better to tune the TA another way - that is just to assign it to a filter and over-emphasize a particular frequency range so you can hear it pumping then go back and fine tune the TA, then turn down the gain on whatever range you need Transmodded...

I'm trying to get better at using Trannsmodder and the Overlay just acts wierd in Sonar4 so I'm not going to use it for now...

BTW Transmodder is really helping out a couple of guitar tracks that were compressed too flat...Thanx, Kyle

Kyle, please bear in mind that Transmodder's transient analyzer is indifferent to the signal level - so it may detect something if it's only a dithering noise.

Oh yes that makes sense - I'll keep that in mind.  That's probably what I'm hearing when the audio engine is running but the audio is not playing, some low level noises detected from the gutter!  Thanks!
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