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Hello Aleksey,

There seems to be a problem with the graphics in Samplitude/Sequoia.

It only appears during playback and simultanious preset switching.

And only presets are affected where the graph display is open by default; like "Dimensional Bass" -> "Bright Guitar".

The result is that the lower half of the GUI, in graph display, gets white (not all parts, only the background and some knobs; the ( L&R/S,M) knobs of filter 4 and 5 remain visible, as do Block,Speed, Slope knobs).

A similar phenomena happened with the Kjaerhus Classic series plugins.  Now that they updated their classic series, the problem is gone.

Don't know, of course, what they did.

Kind regards

Thanks for the bug report, I will check this out - I'm also able to reproduce this bug in Samplitude 7.2 demo.
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