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Hello Aleksey!

Transmodder is one of your most disregarded plugins, whilst it is one of your best.

I hope you will continue to improve it.

Regarding me, I love it.  And at last bought it tonight.

Though, I have one thing to criticize, which is highly subjective:

The colors of the analyzers.  They are too "screaming" (for my taste).

And the yellow and light blue don't fit quite well together as "neighbours".

I don't want to patronize, but for color design there is a very useful application.

Possibly you know it already.  It's called SLUGS and you can get it at: .

And I have a feature wish.  A visual feature.

Could you implement vertical lines in the graph display reflecting the CN frequency values; and the scale factor as semitransparent (scaling) ranges around these lines having of course the same colors as the respective analyzers.  All this optional.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards

Oh my!  The link to this SLUGS utility doesn't exist any more.

If you like I could Email it to you.  It was Freeware.

O.K. here is another link where you can still get it.

Click on the orange download button to download it.

Ther is no installer, just plain executable.

Kind regards

Thanks, I will check this SLUGS out.

I'll consider adding vertical lines corresponding to CnFreq's.

Could you elaborate more about the scaling factor?  I'm not sure how it can fit there.

Imagine the vertical line as a filament of a light bulb and the "Scale" range as light surrounding it.  Like a dimmer.

OK, understood.  But how that relates to the scale?  Scale is not frequency-dependent while you want to put it on a frequency scale.

On the other hand, I may just mirror the transient analyzer bars - i.e. not the scale value itself.
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