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Hello Aleksey !

A few days ago, I`ve converted a 44.1 KHz Wave-File into a 88,2 KHz one.  Then the Transmodder was used to reduce a harsh-digital sound and to add

some "air-Highs" at 16 KHz.  Transmodder is my favourite Plug-In to do this job !  But after with this converting to 88,2 KHz, it sounds way better in the high range !  I think it would be worth to think about a High-Quality-Knob for this Plug-In.  And the most CPU´s, today, can accept the more-needing-cpu-power.  The results are worth it.  I only works this way. . . . . . but it could be easier. . . . . . ( I`ve described the results after re-converting to 44,1 KHz )

What do you think about it ?

Many greetings


Thanks for noticing the quality improvement, I'll try to implement the 'Quality' switch like the one available in Voxformer and Crunchessor.
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