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Forums     Plugins     Transmodder Freq + Freq adjustment(s)

I am a little confused by the two frequency adjustments.  The frequency adjustment on the 4 transient analyzers selects the area where you wish to modify the transients.

Then there is a frequency adjustment on each of the 5 filters.  The filter is linked to TA1, 2, 3, or 4 which itself is already tuned to a specific range.  I am somewhat lost as to how these two frequency adjustments relate to each other?  Why, if we have already selected a working transient range would we want to move the dynamic respone somewhere elso on the audio spectrum?  How do these two setting relate to each other?

There is a link button which makes sense but these two operating as independant adjustments got me confused.


The transient analysers respond to peaks, the filters change the sound.

The frequency on the transient analysers does not modify the sound in any way.

Robert, as CascadeHush replied, transient analyzers do no change the sound - their Freq is used to tune the internal analyzer's filter.

So I select an area to analyze and that transient activity can be moved to other areas on the audio spectrum using the dynamic filter frequency knob?

If I select link to the analyzer setting, I can still move the dynamic filter around it seems.

I guess as an example, you could filter down the kick drum whenever a bass note plays...

Perhapse that knob should be disabled when the link option is on.

Robert, yes, this way you can adjust higher frequencies in accordance with the activity in the lower frequencies.

'Link' option is just a helper - it does not 'force' linking - it only moves analyzer's CnFreq setting in sync with the filter's Freq setting (when you move it).

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