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Forums     Plugins     Transmodder Can I load old presets ?

Hello Aleksey !

It was not able for me to load settings created by the alpha-version in the released one.  Maybe I can do this manually.  But what for a setting was used for the "Level-Group"-parameter in the alpha ?

Another "strange" behaviour: A preset created in Cubase cannot be loaded

in Wavelab. ( Until now, this happened only one time ! ) Then another one

can be loaded in the Wavelab-Program. ( All created with the final V 1.0 )

But my results with this are very, very good !

many greetings

Indeed, the alpha version had another preset structure, so it is not possible to 'import' previous version plug-ins.  Level Group used in the alpha version is High.

Could you send me the preset which cannot be loaded in Cubase?

Another option is to use 'Presets...' menu of the plug-in - it should load and save presets without any hassles.

Thanks for using Transmodder!

Hello Aleksey !

Sorry, my "problem"-preset was changed "by hand".  And then I overwrote

this.  Now it works.  But if there are more problems in the future, I will send it to you.  Thank you for your quick response !

many greetings

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