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Forums     Plugins     Transmodder Sonic Maximiser?

I have been looking at BBE Sonic Maximiser and 4front Contour Max, since this type of plugin seemed missing from the Voxengo Range...  In know that BBE is a filter of some type.

Anyway, Transmodder seems to be a more flexible plugin of this type.  It sounds better to me, though the effect is quite suble at times.

So what I want to know is, am I on the right track, is Transmodder in this class of plugin, or should I be comparing it to something else.

Transmodder is not of this type for sure, but it can be configured to 'enhance' the higher frequencies.  In this respect it can be close to the plug-ins you have mentioned.

Thanks for the Reply...  I'll be giving the demo a good workout...  So far I prefer it's type of enhancement, when configured this way.
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