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i have only worked with transmodder around 2 weeks, since i bought it and this is really a special and versatile tool!

it seems complex on the first look, but is really easy and fast to dial in, when you know what you want and understand the concept (which i believe to do ... ). there is no other plugin i know of or have used, that gives me this. thanks for this great tool, it seems to be old, but is spot on!

today i saw the advertisement of a new plugin from wavesfactory called trackspace, which instantly reminded me of transmodder, when it would have a sidechain-option. this would open up a huge creative space for this plugin. you could go much further than trackspace, which is meant for easy and fast operation mainly.

do you consider to develop this one further?

i would gladly pay for an update of this concept.

best greetings,


Thanks for the suggestion, I'll think about it.

another idea i had, is to develop a special sidechainplug, which can listen somewhere in a track and routes that signal to transmodder ( or any other plug of voxengo, which could benefit from a variable sidechain-solution).

this way, transmodder could listen on multiple sidechains with its four envelope-generating-units.

this would open up great creative ways, to bring tracks in balance with multiple others.

the sync may be problematic, so an incorporated delay in the sidechainplug could be helpful ...

did you ever think about such a solution for your plugins?



I will not pursue such approach, because sync is not guaranteed.  The usual side-chaining support found in modern hosts should suffice.
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