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Hi, the Transmodder is picking up transients from tracks and sub groups other than those it is plugged into even when it's only instance is in a track insert (Sonar 7.02).  When there is absolutely nothing (meaning on -120db meters the level stays at -120, there are no recordings) on a track the transmodder is pulsing to the transients on other tracks.  Why is this happening?  Installation went well, registration went well, everything else in my system seems spot on.

While I'm here the SPAN analyzer behaves the same way.  In fact, when it is functioning there is no difference at all from the wave form on a track with only kick and a track with only cymbals.  Why has this not been addressed?  If there is a way to get track specific isolation please tell me.  I did not want a master buss only plugin.  Everything at the master buss point in my world is outboard.

Even more, I just reloaded everything, put it on a completely blank track (nothing on it, no recordings and nothing even attached to it) and it behaves as if it was plugged into the master buss.

There is no much sense in giving attention to transients of -120 dB sounds.  It may be just random static transients at those levels.

As for the isolation between tracks, I'm not sure - you should probably contact Sonar support or as at Sonar forums - I'm unable to resolve such problems, plug-in only processes what it is given by the host, it can't produce bleed itself.

Hi Aleksey, thanks for the reply.  It does not seem that the effect is applied to the transients from the bleed.  However, the waveform graphic and transient meters are moving in rhythm to other tracks... even when there is nothing on the track it's been plugged into.  When there is a Cakewalk, Sonitus or LP-64 plugin inserted into a track there is no such behavior.. the plugins only display content from their respective tracks.  Yet transmodder behaves differently and does display waveforms and pules from other tracks.  If you still want me to bring this up at the Sonar forums, ok, I thought it best to come here first and get your opinion before mentioning it on a larger platform.

I do not think this is Transmodder's problem.  Beside that whatever happens at -120 dB level, it can't be heard anyway.

well, nothing is happening at -120 or anywhere above that.  In fact, I've plugged it into tracks with absolutely nothing on them and the graphics are displaying audio information from other tracks/busses that do not have the transmodder on them.  How could it not be a transmodder issue when every other plugin I have does not have this or any similar issue(s)?

Do you get weird loud sounds or something?  If it's just visuals or when "listening" is enabled, it's normal.  Background noise also causes a lot of "false detections" because noise naturally has a lot of transients.  You have to use Transmodder on normal sounds, putting it on a silent track is not a good benchmark.

Well, if you feel it's something wrong, I can refund your order if you purchased Transmodder during the past 30 days.

No weird loud sounds.  It happens when listening is not enabled.  False detections from the track it is inserted into is not the issue... as the graph displays and the TA's pulse to information from audio on other tracks (ie: inserted on snare track and TA's pulsing to kick drum and overheads which are on different tracks).

As best as I am able to detect the effect is not being applied to the inserted track, however, I find it a very strange behavior which makes the waveform and TA meters of no use - rather a distraction.  Why should I want a refund for something wrong with the plugin (such as a bug, or it being incomplete)?  I was and am hopeful to have bought into an ongoing and updated product.  Had this plugin been advertised as a final version or a past version, free of bugs or "no longer being developed" then yes I probably would want a refund.  But as far as I am aware the transmodder is still active and in developement.  If yes, then i suppose that I could just put the $59 toward the Oxford plugin of the same name and deal with the extra cost and hassle of their weird usb product key system :/

I really don't want to do that.

I'm really willing to help, but I need more details on the problem.  It is technically impossible for the plug-in to "catch" audio from any other track beside the one it is inserted into.  If you persist on that, I can't continue to talk with you, because this is impossible - you may ask for any other authority in digital audio on any forum.  So, I need to know your problem.  Maybe it's related to misunderstanding the overall concept of Transmodder?

What is "waveform" are you referring to?  Beside TA meter, Transmodder features spectrum analyzer - do you have problems with it?  If so, what kind of problems?

Transmodder has a big user-base, and it was available commercially for quite a long time already, and nobody reported problems like yours so far.  I'd like to understand your problem, but please also understand my position - if I fail to provide you a fix, it's much easier to provide a refund than re-iterate about my inability to fix the problem you are having.  This is a practical business, if something does not work - I lose money, that's all.

If you feel something wrong is going on with Transmodder and you think I'm fooling you, please use public forums for discussions like Sonar one.  There should be someone neutral to judge about this problem.

As for the comparison to Sonnox product, there is no sense in doing it, Transmodder is in no way similar to Sonnox product except that it is also related to "transients".  Transients themselves are in no way a patentable phenomenon.

No one has reported problems like mine?

That is both hard to believe and easy in a way.  However, I think being a little bit crazy about noise and subharmonics has paid off for me in the past.  How many poeple do you know that use a star grounded set of balanced isolation transformers because someone that lives on their block may decide to turn on their television during a recording or mixing session?  I'm going to guess that the answer is either not many or none.

This is almost baffling to me.  Almost.  I know what I am seeing and I know what I am hearing and it is definitely not static, rumble or line voltage irregularities.  It is crosstalk.  In the analog realm it's not a big deal normally to have a bit and back when it was 2" studer's that ran the world Dolby had a few great solutions that fit in where head adjustment and card maintenance left off.  For everything else there were gates, better grounding and if those failed... booze :P

I believe I will take your suggestion and bring this to the attention of Sonar's engineers.  Only I first have to put together a foolproof test senario so that when they run it for themselves they'll not be able to deny it.

I'm not crazy, I'm not a newbie and I'm not about to simply try to ignore something like this that I've put so much effort and dollars into for so long.  All I can offer are my apologies Aleksey if I've gotten on your nerves in any way.  I'll keep you posted.  The transmodder may have just found a very illusive bug.

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