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I have recently been checking out your Transmodder plugin; it is very useful and flexible.

Although it is already a 'monster' to work with, I have a suggestion that, though would make it even more complex, would offer some additional uses:

Is it possible to implement a sidechain option to drive a transient analyzer from an external source?

Consider the Transmodder plugin placed on a bass guitar track; then feed the analyzer from a kick drum track.  Ever time the kick drum is hit, the bass can be emphasized and/or de-emphasized at particular frequencies.  It would be a great way to lock (couple) the bass and kick drum together and to keep the punch of both without frequency masking, by tuning the filters to appropriate frequencies.

Engineers spend a lot of time to get the bass and kick relationship right, and this would be a way to lock them together easier with less complicated compression and eq work.


George P.

George Piazza - - Mastering, Mixing, Restoration - 'Supernatural Horror' = Music, Sound Design - progressive rock group

Thanks, I will consider this feature for implementation.
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