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I am just trying out the demo of this, using sonar7.  I have an athlon 64 3500, and haven't had a problem running 10+ plugs in a project, but when using the transmodder vst on a single track in a project all by itself, I am getting heavy audio drop outs.  I see in sonar it thinks I'm only using 15% or so cpu, but windows task manager thinks differently, sonar using 100%.  Is this just a demo issue?  Or is the full version this way?  I have been toying with the thought of a cpu upgrade, but I've been fine so far with horsepower with every other plugin I own so far.

What is also very strange, is when I hit the "?" in the plugin window, and the help comes up for the effect, the drop outs disappear. ???

Please disable XRay in Sonar, because since Transmodder updates its display frequently, this makes XRay overload your CPU.


I did try turning off xray, doesn't seem to help.  I have however purchased 5 other plugs (polysquasher, curveEQ, Voxformer, Crunchessor, lampthruster) which do not seem to give me problems, in fact I have so far run 4 of them in parallel no problem.  I opted not to buy the transmodder at this time, maybe after a future DAW upgrade.

One other plug that seemed to cause me problems also, although to a lesser degree, is the soniformer for whatever reason.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

You are welcome! (Soniformer is pretty CPU-heavy, and also updates its display frequently)
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