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Hi there.  I am exporting a few songs and I used transmodder to reduce some hi hat brittleness.  I got is sounding good in the mix.  However, when I export the project the drums sounded very lowpassed.  It's like the transmodder effect was amplified during the mixdown and export.

Going back and forth from the open project in Sonar to the exports stereo wav was dramatic.

I turned TM off and then the export sounded exactly like the open project.

Is there a potential bug or am I likely doing something wrong.

I was pulling down about 6.5K with almost -16db.  Only using one sensor at the same frequency. about 1.7 octaves.

Please contact me via - so that we can discuss this further.

To everyone: this problem seems have been solved, a fixed version 1.6 will be released soon.
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