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Hi all,

I posted this at KvR but this forum may be a better place for this ?

Anyways.  The original text below:

Hmm..this has taken me by surprise, a pleasant one.  I have just used Transmodder for the first time since buying it

(was it last year ?  Shock ! ), just wanted to see if I can add some nice harmonics to a bass line.  Below is a link to the original bass, and then the Trasnmodder treatment.

I rather like it.


Original bass

Bass Transmodded with the 'time' parameter

I thought that I wasted my money on it, but it looks like I'll have to give this puppy more time, since it has potential for the unexpected.

Share your Transmodding joy below, if you wish.  Hints & tips and transmondentental techniques.


Thanks...  You've got a bit 'strange' results.  But if you are happy, I'm happy, too. :)

Oh, I'm very happy !

In my experience it's when the tool is 'abused' rather than 'used' audio magic happens.  LOL.

Aleksey, some people have told me about the very nice way Transmodder could add harmonic interest to dull sounds/recording.  Well then, I thought, lets see what it can do to that bass sound.I put it through a few presets, found one that I liked, but then I whacked the 'time' knob fully anticlokwise and back.

Whoa !  That was THE sound !  LOL .  It's gonna stay now on the bass and in the song.

The 'time' parameter is autometed using envelopes.  I love it.

So anyway, I'm here to tell the little insignificant story of a new Tranmodder convert.


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