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I was attempting to use Transmodder in WaveLab...working on tool copies kicked over from SONAR.  I was trying to smooth out harsh drum track slams (& I'm calling them slams as opposed to transients, for lack of a better term...they aren't necessarily spikes...they're just normal looking waveforms of various drum hits, like for example where a kick & a snare occur at the same instant, or a snare & a cymbal, etc.  The sound I'm trying to eliminate sounds more like a burst than a musical smacking a paper bag.)

So...due to my lazy learning curve...I was using presets.  I started out w/ S-smoother (which looks like it just scoops out 10k a bit); & it seemed to work OK.

But...if I locate & then highlight the problem waveforms in WaveLab, is there a way to then use some sort of analysis function in Transmodder to find exactly what the problem frequency is (to then fine tune the app to eliminate it)?



I think the only way to locate those frequencies is to watch over spectrum analyzer, or using your personal skills of 'mind' frequency detection.  No algorithm will be able to 'know' what's so annoying to your taste.

In case of Transmodder, you can switch one of the analyzers to BPass mode and engage the Listen button.  Then adjust the Freq of that analyzer and try to locate the 'problem' area.



Let me ask you this, then (&...I'm not trying to be a wise-ass...I'm just trying to figure out how it processes.)

What would be the difference if I take the curve from a Transmodder preset; & plug it into a typical parametric EQ plug-in?


In the case of parametric EQ plug-in, you'll hear constant filtering.  In the case of Transmodder you'll hear filtering on transient moments (beats of various frequencies - depending on the settings) only.


It fixed fixed a problem vocal track...Transmodder fixed it !*!*!

[haven't gotten to the drums yet, but...]

& you won’t believe where it was...DEAD an ass-backward, overly complex chain.

The original vocal comps had been outboard processed w/ reverb by looping them out of the DAW...thru a Lexicon MPX-500...& back in, recorded onto an adjacent track.  Instead of running them again when I discovered they were too lackluster for the mix (& I'd been pressed for time originally & took no engineering notes anyway), I decided to bring them up to snuff after the fact, with a high shelf (in Cambridge); & a secondary high shelf & compression combo (in EX-1.) Placing these plugs after the primary signal (w/ built-in reverb) gave a little too much echo, but also brought out some weird formants in the vocalist’s style, which were natural roughish sounding decays at the tails of lyric lines; & in some cases a raspy distortion to even the main body of the lyric waveforms.

So the first thing I did was to fiddle with the release on the compressor to rid myself of the offending echoes; & then I placed Transmodder at the end of the plug-in chain...on the Broadband Magic preset...& it smoothed out the rasp at the same time it gave the vocals more presence & sparkle.  It also helped to eliminate a little more of the echo, 'cause the vocal line sounds more out front now as a result.

I know I went about this fix the wrong way (including the use of a preset)...have no idea why it worked...but, believe it or not...the vocals now sound better than they ever have !!!

Thanks Aleksey !!!


I'm glad Transmodder helped here!

OK...1 more question & then I'll bug off.

I understand now how Transmodder's functionality only affects selected range / transients.  So I thought I would try & use it to fix a dull sounding kick drum in another problem track (while leaving the rest of the drum kit alone.) The kick sounded like a paper bag, having too much slap & not enough thud.

So I started off w/ a preset, Dimensional Bass; & double clicked on every point (bringing them back to 0dB) except for #1.  I then played the track & determined thru the spectrum analyzer that the kick swell was centered around I moved point #1 to that fr. (as well as also changing the Center Frequency dial to that fr.) I also set the gain (as displayed in the lower right corner by clicking point #1) to 1.5dB.

So now I've customized the preset to this particular drum track; & have caused the kick drum to sound like a real kick drum...with as much thud as I like...without affecting the rest of the drum kit (snare, toms & cymbals sound is intact.) (& also...I did not mess w/ Block, Speed, Time, Scale or Sense...thinking that they were set where they were supposed to be for good bass response...& not knowing how to tweak them yet, anyway.)

So my question is...even tho the kick sounds just the way I want it too’s about a dB or so too loud.  Is there a way to retain the new kick sound & now just lower that gain a bit?



Update...just realized I could have got there using Kick Booster.  Man-oh-man...I really need to hit the help manual & start to familiarize myself with this software.

If you want to get your kick's overall volume lower just use any equalizer right after Transmodder.
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