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Hi Aleksey and Vladimir,

I use (almost all) your plugins as my main toolbox for mixing.  Super happy since Elephant 1, I guess.

Would you please consider implementing an external key input for Soniformer?

Only one of many possible Applications:

I often deal with acoustic jazz recordings, with a lot of leakage.  It would be so nice to key a Soniformer e.g. on the piano with the lead sax to get rid of the indirect sound, when the sax plays loud in the same room.

I do it sometimes now with the drumformer (which has external key), but it would be even nicer with a lot more bands like in Soniformer.



Thank you for your suggestion, but at this time I do not plan to add key filter to Soniformer.

ok, too bad.

but I meant 'external key' (in aax), not a filter for the internal key (you have this already wit the slope function, right?).

(external key like in DrumFormer)

It could also be extremely cool to dynamically get rid of masking of two sources, like: a Soniformer on the bass, that is keyed by the kickdrum... or so...

Thanks anyway for this great tool.


Sorry, I've meant external key signal.
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