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Here in the latest v.  3.3 the gain change metering shows gain reduction in the lows [below 200Hz] no matter what I do, I'm confused as I can't remember having any trouble with metering before - Is something wrong or was there something I suddenly missed..?

Edit: After reloading Soniformer - it behaved as it should - don't know what happened, but I will come back to it if the problem reoccurs

But another thing I would like to know is if it's possible to turn individual modules on/off and maybe even change their position in the signal-chain as one could in version 2..?



Please tell me if that gan reduction bug happens again.  Also tell me operating system and host application you are using now.  Gain reduction can be seen constant if you adjust the Output gain envelope.

The modules can't be rearranged.  I do not plan to change this.

I will - I'm using XP but slowly migrating to Win7 - 64bit

What about turning the the different modules on/off..?

BTW - I didn't receive an update notice on Soniformer, but found the news on KVR - is this an error or have you changed update announcements?

I do not plan to implement disabling of the modules - I do no see a need for that either.

You will receive Soniformer update information via mailing list later.

The idea was simply to be able to monitor what the different sections did to the sound [e.g. bypassing pan-control without affecting compression etc.]

But if you don't see the need of it, why bother [just to reply in a similar fashion] :-#

I wasn't trying to be rude.  But considering one dials in the sound in envelole-by-envelope fashion, I think the difference and what each envelope does will be obvious anyway.

Good to know - sometimes your answers to customers requests can seem a touch short, sometimes bordering to arrogant - I don't think it's intentional, but do remember that customers requests is all about making your products better and making it easier for us to recommend your products to others.

I'm not saying you should implement everything your customers asks for, off course not, only that a good explanation for refusing a specific request, is always very welcome!

Thank you for your critique!
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