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Sorry if this is isnt to me anyway...when in MS mode, switch to the side group, the analyser is inactive; am I doing something wrong?  I didnt think that should require extra setup or anything?

Simply inserted on stereo track; the envelopes are operational but I cant see the analyser of the envelopes effect etc

The Balance and Correlation analyzers work on stereo pairs only.  If you are talking about the Input/Output analyzer, the side channel analyzer will be empty if there is not side channel information available in the signal.

Specifically I refer to the I/O analyzer.  The side channel info is definitely present but no activity.  The same occurs if I switch to dual mono.

Any ideas?

No ideas, I've checked it out - it is working fine.  If you are routing external mid/side signal, this is to be expected since Soniformer displays average of the two input channels by default (L and R) - you have to switch to the "Dual Mono" routing mode.

EDIT: This issue leaked into the current Soniformer version 3.2, but it was fixed in the development versions I have - will release a fix soon.  I'm sorry for the problem.

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