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Are there any plans for preset morphing? ie for continous change etc. eg I have Soniformer generally the same for the complete album.  However there are some ambient sections with chimes that are quite bright with delicate transient detail.  I would like to elevate the threshold on the intro chime section and then have the threshold morph back to the current position.  Any ideas?


I do not plan to implement such feature.  I suggest you to use host's own preset switching functions.  Soniformer is able to switch presets quite smoothly.

I understand...I was hoping for a workaround but I may have to do the final in wavelab when I stamp the ISRCs. (and cross fade/morph using WL).  Even a simple trigger between the AB (CurveEQ) or exposing the undo to automation?  Continuous change is so important especially when dealing with a lot of segues where switching is undesirable, even if its smooth (ie needs a time domain modulation)



I can't implement A/B switching automation, because A/B states are not preserved between sessions.  Beside that, A/B switch is in no way a continuous change, it's not different from preset change.


The way NI handle it is very nice though..getting use to features like that makes it hard when they arent there.

Thanks Aleksey

EDIT: (To previous post...wouldnt let me post last night)

Was getting worried there.  Can I get an earlier version so that I can finish the project?...its 'flying blind' not being able to get a visual on the side channel...its the delicate one! :-)

You can download the previous version at the User Area.
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