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Where has the mix control gone in the latest version?

I've decided to remove it since a smooth Ratio control is almost the same thing.

Oh...But it gave a nice NY feel, you could hammer it hard and then blend with the mix..familiar paradigm and different colouring to my ears.



Well, a lower threshold together with a lower ratio is a close replacement.

Its amazing how use to workflows we get...I always imagined it was easier to get the 'hammered' pop/pump and apply a smiley eq and then slow blend it in.  Its not quite the same...I just have to add another track and blend with that although its not quite as elegant.  I was doing beta for Supresser and the simple mix feature was one of the most suggested!


If you consider a gain reduction envelope that oscillates from 0 to -6 dB (1.0 to 0.5 linear), setting dry mix to 50% will reduce the oscillation to 0...-2.5 dB (1.0 to 0.75 linear) which is the same as setting the ratio from e.g.  4:1 to around 2:1.

So, it's quite the same thing, you do not even need to adjust the threshold - but for a better control I think threshold should be adjusted liberally.

On a theoretical level...absolutely correct and the same result.  But when dealing with colour eg UAD 1176 on a parallel drum buss with reasonably fast release, there is a whole lot of non linearity and tubey grit going on.  So, as a workflow, hammering the all buttons with slow enough attack to get it popping and gritty, then blending, it really just feels nothing like reducing the ratio.  Its more like taking a dab of the current colour eg magenta, smearing it onto the pallete and adding some tints, and then adding a bit more of the original magenta to bring it back.  I know thats subjective paradigm and the soniformer is more about control than colour, I think its old school but it just feels right :-) And its a very familiar mixing identify the (extreme) colour first and blend it.

Thanks for the help.


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