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The Downward Button says "Downward (inverse) compression mode enable switch." when you hover over it.  Shouldn't it read downward expansion instead?  I saw this piece about compression/expander curves, and gating/expansion is considered downward expansion and since the downward mode in Soniformer acts like that, wouldn't that be the wording instead? "Normal" compression was considered downward compession (as compared to upward compression).

Thanks for noticing - it is indeed a mistaken hint.

Wait does that mean that when in downward mode, negative (compression) ratios perform upward compression?  Sometimes all these upward/downward/etc are confusing.

Well, I think Soniformer's description is correct after all. "Downward" mode means that sound material below the threshold line is pushed down in volume - (when compression ratios as used) this works like noise reduction.  The non-downard mode affects sound which is above the threshold line.
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