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Hi Aleksey,

a thread at KVR (originally about crunchessor) brought me to this idea:

it showed that Neodynium was quite good at simulation an analog compressor.  Neodynium works aon the basis of being able to define different compression setting to different vol levels dynamically.

This is indeed a nice feature.  But we would be in soundshaping heaven if this was implemented in soniformer!!!

This could be done in the following way: ad a tab (maybe the first) in which one can draw a line as in the other tabs, but this time the horizontal line does not represent frequency bands but volume bands. the vertical values are variable for soniformer compression ratio values.  If the value is 1 (default value) for a volume band then everythig works as usual.  If it is above 1 then the compression is intensified accordingly, when the value is below 1 the compression is reduced accordingly

example (with 2 bands dynamic and 2 frequency)


below -12 db: 0.5

above -12 db: 3


below 1000 Hz: 1:4

above 1000 Hz: 1:2

thus, the compression changes over time and frequency band.

time 1: -30db

time 2: -4db

low band at time 1: ratio= 1:2
high band at time 1: ratio=1:1 (no compression)
low band at time 2: ratio=1:12
high band at time 2: ratio=1:6
I think this way it would be also possibile to realize what was requested by Vitaly in a GlissEQ-thread.

It is much better to have this in Soniformer then to have it in a separate plug, this this way we have ultimate flexibility.

And if you also added dominion-like transient shaping to transmodder, I think it would be a most complete solution for the most advanced sound-processing!

cheers, drjee

This is a neat idea.

Another - kind of along these lines - would be to implement a type of compression in which the ratio is smoothly and automatically increased based on how far the signal exceeds the threshold.

I think I read somewhere that Crunchessor already takes this approach, and I think other compressors like that LA-2A do as well (??).

Sorry for not answering immediately - I was just thinking about your idea.

What you are asking for here is usually called 'soft knee operation'.  I personally do not think it is necessary in Soniformer.  Moreover, implementing such level dependency will require much additional CPU resources.  Taking into account there are 32 bands, this will make a huge rise in CPU use.

Anyway, thanks for your idea - that's probably something I should keep in my mind for any future dynamics plug-ins.

i would love to see such a dynamic plugin. but integrating it in soniformer will be even better.  I agree, at this time it will blow any cpu (if performed live), but we can use sonifromer "offline".  And cpus will become more powerful.

best, drjee

ps: of course one, should be able switch off the dynaformer section (should be made default value if you implement it).

pps: I think it will not even be so much of a cpu-hog since this is not processed parallel but in series, ie you just have to caluculate the factor at a time and then applly the ususal soniformer processing.

best, akj

Thanks again for this idea, but currently I'm not interested that much in implementing it.

a pity :-(
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.