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I was reading the mastering tutorial at and noticed that in Figures 6 to 9 you can set the Waves Linear Phase Multiband compressors bands to certain frequencies, then simply play the track through and the plugin records the peaks (in db) for those bands.  With this plugin you then simply set the thresholds to these values to get a 'flat' spectrum for the compression.

Is there anyway we could have a function in Soniformer that allows you to do something like this, but taken a step further?  Namely that Soniformer have a 'read' button (or something similar) that allows you to play the track through, then Soniformer automatically sets itself to suitable values for all parameters based on a preset desired outcome.  For instance, if the plugin is being used for mastering we would want a relatively flat spectrum.  Hence based on this desired outcome after playing the track through Soniformer would set the parameters to give this flat spectrum.  These initial values could then be fine tuned by the user.  A number of presets for 'outcomes' could be available (plus the ability to define user 'outcomes' too?).

Is this a possibility?  It would certainly speed up the use of this wonderful tool.

I suggest you to adjust Ballistics on the '?' screen.  You may set it to a lower value to get a more 'slow' spectrum.  This will allow you to estimate the average spectrum and draw the threshold envelope precisely.  Personally I do not think knowing peak magnitudes will help you much - average estimation is much more practical here.

That's a good suggestion Aleksey - I do it that way too.

Slow the spectrum speed down to about -35 or -40dB, adjust the Input Slope (a very cool Soniformer feature), set the ratio to about 1.2:1, turn the monitor to gains, adjust the threshold (just using 2 points draggin the bar down) for about 0-1dB gain reduction at -35dB spectrum speed (slower, averaging speed) or 0-4dB gain reduction at -3dB (faster, more real time speed).  Set attack/release to taste (a whole seminar can be given on that!)

As with any rta, spectrum or visual interface be it Har-Bal, SPAN, Soniformer, Waves - it's a good idea to run some favorite reference material thru it so you can see what something your ears consider professionally finaled looks like on the meters and spectral interfaces.  Also Har-Bal, like a lot of spectrum interfaces, has a built in 3dB/octave tilt to it already.

I use SPAN as my spectrum analyzer - an amazing free Voxengo plugin.  You can set all kinds of averaging, peak hold, resolutions, slopes (generaly 4.5dB/octave for my full mixes).  With Har-Bal you get a choice of 3 averaged curves - average, mean, peak that includes averaging data from the entire song so you're kind of locked in, in that respect.

Thanks for your replies Aleksey and Kylen.  I am just getting to grips with the suite of Voxengo plugins I purchased and your advice is very much appreciated.  Its a shame there isn't a series of tutorials on getting the best out of these fantastic plugins (full of wonderful tips like the above).  Thanks again,


Andrew, I will be working on some kind of tutorials somewhere in the future.

Thanks Aleksey - I will look forward to these.
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.