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Enjoying the new version of soniformer here, especially pleased to see oversampling added.

Two concerns:

1) In soniformer2 you could click the bar between any two envelope points and then those two points would be selected for you, allowing you to drag the envelope around while keeping the selected points and bar grouped together.  This function has been lost from v3, and I miss it.  Drawing a box to select two points is an unnecessary extra step when v2 was so easy to use in this respect.

2) Where is "fluffy" mode?  Has is been renamed as something else, or eliminated?


- J.

On #1:

I am using cubase-ai4 on a pc and when I left-click on an envelope-line between 2 points I can drag it around as long as I hold down the mouse-button.  I don't have to draw a box around the 2 adjacent points first.

I don't know what system you are on, so it may not work for you ofcourse, but I just thought I'd say it in case you haven't tried it that way :)

My platform: Win7 home premium x64 // I use Voxengo 32bit & 64bit VST plugs in Reaper 5.x 32bit and 64bit

As JELSTUDIO noted, this feature is available in V3 as well.

I've removed the "Fluffy" mode since all it basically did is doubled the Ratio parameter (i.e. instead of 3 dB gain reduction it produced 6 dB gain reduction).  Now the Ratio envelope has a wider range making the "Fluffy" mode unnecessary.

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