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I have Soniformer 3 now and there are a couple of things I really miss from version 2.

First, the ability to show both the IN and the OUT levels in the multi-band / envelope view at the same time.  That really helps me see where the effect is happening and how much.

Second, I really like being able to alter the routing so that the "makeup gain" is Before the compressor.  That way I can do pre-emphasis and/or control how hard I'm hitting the compressor without adding another plugin for level adjustment before Soniformer.

As a feature request, I'd like to ask for the ability to see the multiband section separately for each channel.  This would be especially useful for doing Mid/Side mastering work.


Lee Fox

There is no need for simultaneous input/output display as difference is always displayed on the Out/In Gain Change meter.

Using pre gain is redundant, because theshold envelope achieves exactly the same goal.

By "see the multiband section separately for each channel" what exactly do you mean?  I ask this because you can already setup mid-side processing and see spectrums for each channel separately.

Yes, there is the display at the top that shows the gain change.

By having the In and the Out displayed next to each other (as is possible with Version 2), I can see the shape of the spectrum coming in compared to the spectrum going out at the same time.

As to being able to route the gain envelope to the front of the chain:

Yes, it could be a bit redundant.  However, I've set up a way of working with controlling the level in that has given me excellent, predictable results on dozens of songs.  I'll have to learn a new way of setting up my gain structure without it.

Also, The threshold envelope is the inverse of the gain envelope.  The gain envelope allows me to emphasize or de-emphasize problem areas intuitively. (Not enough top end?  Add more, etc.) The threshold envelope only allows me to adjust at what level the compressor starts working.

As to the Mid/Side display:

Yes, you set up the ability to switch between the view for the Side and the view for the Mid.

I'd like to be able to see them at the same time.  That would help to show both the effect and the settings at one time to speed up workflow.

I understand your concern, but I think it's more a question of getting accustomed to the new look than something important.  Two bar spectrums displayed at the same time is really looking cluttered.

Beside that, I think that using pre-gain may not be always a correct tactic since short, but rare transients do not increase the average power level: boosting these frequency regions may overemphasize them without much benefit.

I understand,.

You must balance what you think does the job best against the various (and differing) concerns of your customers.

I'll need to make sure I test the demo first to see what's been taken away before I upgrade in the future.


Lee Fox

There's no problem I think as I can refund yiour upgrade if you wish.

No, thank you.

I'm not a dissatisfied customer.  I'll be buying more from you, I'm sure, since I check your site when I'm scouting out new weapons for my arsenal on a semi regular basis.


Lee Fox

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