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Thanks Aleksey - I'm thinking I like the sound of the gentle slopes these days, previously I thought if the slope was real steep it must be better - maybe not !

EnzymeX - Oops looks like my memory is not so good.  I just tried this at home and I get about 22% cpu utilization in Adobe Audition 1.5 (24bit/44.1KHz) and a little higher in Sonar4 at about 29%.  Good thing both of those apps have track locking ! :)

Wow - 20 posts!  Looks like I missed the party here last week...

Kylen, thanks for confirming your CPU usage.  On my system, an instance of Soniformer adds 25% avg to my CPU load, with occasional spikes of 6-8% over (to be fair, I should mention that even single band comps use about 5% CPU each on my system).

In my world, I could use a "cut down" version of Soniformer to compress a stem mix of Drums, for example.  In that case, a single band comp may not be optimal and Soniformer would be overkill.

Something like SinusWeb's Triple Comp could be used for this purpose - it has a neat graphical interface and low CPU.  But, it's a tad TOO simple, in that it lacks adjustable band crossover points and manual adjustments for attack/release.  That's how this thread was born: I started imagining how cool it would be to have a multiband comp that simple but with Voxengo sound quality...yummy!

Yep, I already suggested to add a 'group / link' function for the 32 bands.

This way, You could construct, whatever multiband comp, you may need.

As many others seem to want the same, You might rethink, such an option, Aleksey ...



Any estimated release date of the CPU reduced version ??

I could really use it for my current mixing session !!

bye, Jan

Jan, please reiterate your idea here.

As for reduced CPU version, the beta should appear later this week as I have implemented new features for the most part.

Hmmm ...

just trying to remember ...

the idea was that the user can summ the detection signals of a number of ( adjacent ) bands.

Then, this summed signal is used to control all of these bands.

So these bands would behave as one.

There would be a 'Group Band' control curve with 6 states :

Group 1 - 5 ( summed ) and normal ( single ).

I'm not quite sure, how to handle Threshold, Attack, etc.

Their control bands would have to be linked, according to the settings in the 'Group Band' curve.

Well, don't know if this is doable, at all ...

probably not.

Regarding CPU time reduction :

Will the enhancements affect mono tracks ?

Would it help to release a mono version ??

bye, Jan

Hmm..  This would probably be hard to implement.

Soniformer already implements Mono->Stereo processing.  It is optimized that way, and no other speed improvement can be made.  Optimizations I've implemented for v2.3 work with stereo processing only.

BTW, I've released v2.3a beta.

Anybody care to explain how the stereo linking works at 50% ?  I don't quite understand it.  I mostly turn stereo linking off (that is to 0%) as I like the living breathing stereo image that you get by doing that.  If I need a tight sound (dance music, electro) then I keep it at 100%.  I've also experimented with keeping stereo link at 100% at anything below 5khz and then make stereo linking 0% from 5khz up to get a swirly, moving image on top.

Lovely plugin this Soniformer.  It is without doubt your masterpiece!

50% stereo linking means 50% taken from max L/R level and the other 50% taken from individual channel's level.

aah thanks, that makes sense.. cheers!

Hi Aleksey

Another idea for a 'CPU reduced' version :

'Soniformer light', with 16 bands, only.

This would be good enough, for many applications.

Especially for use on mono tracks ( instruments, vocals ).

I guess, it wouldn't be too hard to code, as You could use most of the Soniformer code ...

I would even pay again for it.

What do You think ??

buy, Jan

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.