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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

As a feature request (unless I am misunderstanding the M/S functionality) I would like to see some type of side-chain for Soniformer.  Ultimately, it would be very nice if the signal could be tied to specific parts of the spectrum.  Maybe another tab called 'SideChain' with your typical editable curve as the amount?



Side-chain is not particularly suitable for Soniformer due to its multi-band structure - too heavy CPU load will result if side-chain is to be used.  So, at the moment I'm not interested in adding side-chain to Soniformer.

I would just like to also add my interest to a sidechain function in Soniformer.  This could be an awesome mixing tool for allowing a dominant channel to carve a much more refined hole for itself in another than by using regular broadband sidechain dynamics.

So Aleksey, is it just not possible or is it that you would prefer not to release a feature that only those with more powerful computers could use?

Seriously, I have been dreaming of a plugin that could achieve this for what feels like an age!

Not only I'm sure it's not worth it because of heavier CPU load, I also think it's better to use EQ if you want to "free up" some spectral space.

OK, you are the boss. ;)

Not to beat-a-dead-horse Aleksey, but side-chain in any form would be welcome (and a notable feature IMO).  How about limiting the side-chaining to just one band (or between two?) imposing a range rather than allowing 32+ bands of side-chain?

I hope I am explaining this correctly...I am imagining setting up a 'mid to high range' side-chain (ex. for a female vocalist), but allowing the other frequencies to remain uninhibited (or vice-versa).  In other words, I would like the key to compress only a range of frequencies using Soniformer.

I am open to you recommending one of your other products, but I was looking for this feature specifically in Soniformer...which does not get the credit it deserves by the way!


Perhaps I misunderstand something, but I can't see how the CPU load would be so much more than running two Soniformer plugins in parallel, something my (pretty basic by todays standards) computer can do with ease.

Don't get me wrong, I think the plugin is good as it is, but there are lots of reasons I can think for having side-chain inputs to Soniformer.  The creative sound-design possibilities of being able to use one set of frequencies to control another is quite immense.

Well, adding a side-chain to Soniformer is still not in my plans.  However, what I may do is create another product - more in the "vocoder" realm.  I think this is what you are thinking.  But the difference between vocoder and compressor is that side-chain in vocoder is used as multiplier directly.  Whereas in compressor, the side-chain is used indirectly, via compressor's transfer function.  Vocoder also needs a far less number of parameters.

A Vocoder?  This thread has taken a strange turn, but ok...that would be an interesting plugin to be sure.

What I was really after was something like a Parametric the Waves C1 Parametric Compander.  If you are planning to add some capability to your Vocoder that would allow me to use it in that fashion, I would be very interested...but please don't call it a "Vocoder". ;-)


a Voxen-coder.... interesting. :)
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.