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Hi Forum,

I've got a new configuration (to me) I'm using that is sounding really good.

In Sonar I have the same full mix imported into 2 seperate [stereo] tracks ready for me to pre-master.

On Track 1 I have Soniformer (the old Sonic Finalizer) set to low-level expansion - meaning threshold -40dB, ratio 1:1.10.

On Track 2 I have Soniformer set to low level compression - threshold -40dB, ratio 1:13:1.

On Track 2 Soniformer I also allow part of the dry signal (about -24dB - I'm still working this out) to come thru giving me an Expanded, Compressed and Dry signal all in parallel.

This sounds really good and resembles upward expansion and compression to a certain degree along with parallel or multing of the signal.

In fact using a single Soniformer and mixing the dry signal up is starting to sound better and better where I might want to compress part or all of the signal or expand part or all.  Some of the presets do this too.  I don't know why I was trying to force Soniformer to sound perfect just using the wet signal - it's got a mix or dry knob - that's what it's for, keeping the transients or other unprocessed stuff in the mix.

I'm using 2 seperate parallel Soniformers because the stuff I'mm working on was all close mic'd and really has no life.  So I'm putting some back in.

Anyway I was reading this Bob Katz article the other day and I thought - well I can do this using Soniformer - it sounds pretty good to me:


Yes, this sounds like you can have a great control over the sound with two Soniformers running in parallel.

Great idea kylen.  I've got some tracks that a band gave up on, partly because the sound is close-miked and sort of dead.  I tried a little "fairy dust" and stereo expansion, but it didn't help.  I'll try your suggestion tomorrow.


Yeah !  Do you think it is possible to put the "parallel-mode" into an update ?

Just turn one knob "on" , and you will have two parallel instances of the soniformer.  The most cpu`s have enough power to do that "job".

And it sounds very, very good . . . . .

Very coooool.  Soniformer in parallel!!!

I rendered a WaveLab montage running Soniformer in parallel down to a wave file and then ran the file through Polysquasher and ElephantHQ.  I just used your basic Soniformer settings.  Voila!  Waves MB get a clue!

Thanks kylen!  A new path through the darkness...

How's the weather down there?


Hi John,

Just having fun with Aleksey's tools (and continual improvements and lightning fast support) down here in the California sun - Happy Labor Day (USA holiday) !

How's the new album coming ?  I'll have to check the website.  Keep those Blues alive !

Take care,


The new album is done.  I burned the master and sent it off to the label last week.  On to other things!

Maybe a little California sun on my head instead of Minnesota humidity would do my little mastering brain some good.  It sure seems to be doing you fine!

Take care the rest of the holiday.


Ralf, I'm not going to add a special parallel mode...  It would be a pain to control.  Using two Soniformer instances in two tracks in a multitracker is a much better idea.

However, if somebody can come up with a detailed description and advantages of this parallel processing, I could add it to the user's manual.

Hello Aleksey

I agree that Soniformer-in-parallel should be mentioned in the user's manual.

To me, SIP is similar to Waves Linear Multiband in expansion mode, which emulates "parallel compression." Only better.  More complex.  More musical.

Perhaps you could simply mention it as a useful "advanced" technique and provide some basic initial settings to work from, as kylen did in his post.  That is how Waves treats LMB expansion mode in their manual.


I was looking for this thread and it seemed to have dropped off the list, so I am bumping it up (I had to use google to find it).

Anyway, I am about to try this technique soon, so I'll let you know how it goes.

This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.