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Forums     Plugins     Shinechilla Pricing and sonar x2c issue

Two comments:

- tried it with Sonar x2c, something that seems to be a bug is that all inputs where enabled and only A and B should have been enabled.  All other voxengo plugins do not enable inputs from A to G (?).  It made the UI unusable (was taking too much CPU).

- pricing: I find $49 a little expensive for an experimental plugin, it is definitely quite interesting and it generates a very unique saturation but I only see myself using it for couple rare sounds.

Could you try the latest Drumformer plugin?  Do you experience that issue with it?

The price won't be changed since it seems to be right to me - many orders for such experimental plugin.

Just noticed same channel issue with the latest glissEQ - should I still try Drumformer?  If there is a group buy or other kind of discount, I won't hesitate to purchase shinechilla!

I'll try to fix the problem, it looks like an old issue of Sonar that really does enable all 8 channels in the plugin.  Latest Reaper version, for example, enables selected channels only.

The 8 enabled channels bit has been true of ALL Voxengo's plugs on the "new" platform released since SONAR introduced sidechain support in version 7 (at least, I *think* it was version 7).  Hence, every time you install a new version/update, you need to go into the Plugin Manager, VST Configuration, Plug-in Properties and change the Max used inputs to 2 for most non-sidechained plugs (or directly in the registry change maxUsedInputs).

For side-chained plugs like Crunchessor, you'll want to change the inputs to 4.

This issue with all channels enabled at once instead of A+B only will be fixed in the next update for all plugins.
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