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Forums     Plugins     Shinechilla Not working in multiple hosts and OS versions

I tried the demo version in SONAR X2a and WaveLab 7 under Win7 and SONAR X2 on XP.  It's hard to describe what I'm hearing...but it sounds like there's chattering, as if the samples aren't making through the system continuously.

At first, using the presets, I couldn't get ANY sound out of it that sounded like something I'd want to do on purpose.  Eventually, after messing with it, I started hearing what it was trying to do when it worked properly...but there's still issues.

Is this new behavior?

What's for sure is that you indeed have to get accustomed to the way it sounds and operates.  The easiest envelope to hear is the "Sat".

I've finally gotten this to work and have heard what it's trying to accenting notes that break over a certain threshold.

However...I remain convinced that the behavior I was hearing originally was *not* examples of the software "working as designed".  What I was hearing was chattering and gaping caused by audio dropouts and throughput issues...on the entire mix...not just the track under treatment.  It's not like I have an underpowered system either.  It wasn't until I reduced the inputs down to 2 (instead of the "out of the box" SONAR 8), that the thing finally calmed down.

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