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I've lately been using quite extensively Audition's Center Channel Extractor (CCE), i.e. to clean recordings from SQ quad software decodes.

I now wanted to use a VST do do similar things, and searched the web up and down, but didn't find anything even close.  Understanding that Audition's CCE works using FFT, I found some hints in the literature that certain noise reduction processes do the same.

The closest I could find is Redunoise, and I was wondering if it could be customized such that it has some of the feature CCE provides, most importantly:

- audio phased at [0--360 deg]

- center channel level

- discrimination setting > level

Maybe this would be a completely new VST, but if there is a reasonable path from Redunoise to a "CCE VST", I'd be very very keen on this.

Kind regards,


Could you contact me via and provide more details on the process which should be performed?  I think I understand how this should work, but since I've never dealt with center channel extraction, your information can be useful.
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