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I purchased Redunoise about a month ago now.  I am simply unable to get it to work.

In all fairness to Aleksey, he has been fast in responding to my email queries.  Unfortunately it has not helped my situation.

I require a complete manual with a beginner’s tutorial and in-depth explanation of how this plug-in works.  There seems to be none in existence.  I have tried to get past the complex user interface and figure out things on my own but to no avail.  The help manual is of none at all. (If you can find it)

In contrast I downloaded the demo version of Sonic Foundry's (now Sony's) Noise Reduction plug in.  After reading the help file (clearly marked "help" on the front page as opposed to a somewhat camouflaged "?" And absolutely no explanation anywhere what it stands for on Redunoise) I was using SF Noise Reduction in about 45 minute’s to1 hour.

When purchasing Redunoise, somehow, from what I had been reading on the forums both here and Steinberg’s, I was under the impression that Redunoise operated in the same way.  The difference being a far superior result and more competitively priced was possible with Redunoise.  I thought Redunoise would learn the noise from a non musical area of the recording, analyze the noise present and then draw its own envelopes automatically while still retaining some user options to further manipulate the parameters.

What I have discovered, if I am correct, is that the user must draw their own envelopes from scratch.  Not what I need or am looking for.  For my purposes it renders the user interface too user unfriendly, time consuming and complex.  The results I was achieving with SF Noise Reduction were spectacular and it did precisely what I needed it to do quickly and extremely clear and easy to use...

If I had purchased Redunoise from a music store I probably would have disappointedly returned it.

Sorry, Aleksey, you seem like a descent, concerned guy and it is not my intention to dump on you.  Certainly not.  But, you sent me an email and asked specifically for my feedback.  This is just that.  Consumer feedback.

A quick analogy for the frustration I felt with the lack of clear instruction on Redunoise I can sum up with the same experience I had attempting to post on this forum.  Nowhere on any main page on the website including this forum’s are the instructions for a newbie to register.  That’s pretty basic for a forum.  I happened upon a tiny link only AFTER I had opened a post.  This is precisely the kind of clear exact instruction that is also lacking in Redunoise.

All the best.

Redunoise can draw the noise envelope automatically.

Moreover, I do not see how I can be more basic with my explanation:

"After you have opened your wave file you need to insert Redunoise to

the master section slot.  After this you may open its user interface

and press playback start.  You should see the real-time analysis

display.  You may then move the threshold envelope down by dragging the

blue line segment (its on top by default).  Then switch to the

reduction envelope and move it up a bit (its on the bottom by default

denoting no reduction should take place).  If everything is OK, you

should see the red underlying spectrum which shows how strong the noise

reduction is.  After this step you may start customizing threshold and

reduction envelopes further.  You may start adjusting other envelopes

after you get some experience."

And here is the part of the user's manual which shows how to use the noise learn function:

"The "Noise Learn" button engages the noise learning process.

During noise learning, the spectrum analysis display shows the averaged

spectrum accumulated so far.  This averaged spectrum will be used to build

the Threshold curve.  A small button with a number printed on it selects

how many points the resulting Threshold curve should have.  Press the

"Noise Learn" button after some learning time again to build this

curve.  Please note that the Threshold curve is built only during the

audio processing.  This means that this curve will not be created if the

plug-in is paused in the audio host."

Probably it's just a question of understanding the noise-reduction concept.  Redunoise is not a difficult plug-in.  So far nobody really had major problems understanding it.

bhgoldmusic - Redunoise is one of the more complex Voxengo plugins, I agree with you and takes some time to get to know.  Part of the reason I like it so much is because I can use it and perform noise reduciton in situations where other plugins (SF Noise reduction included which I also own) leave artifacts.  Along with that power [I assume] must come complexity at the user interface to set all the controls properly.

If you have a specific question you want to post possibly some of us users could give you a hand.  I come from a background that includes many noise reduction plugins including Arboretum Ionizer which has certain common complex interface elments as well as simpler denoisers that just leave junk all over like Ray Gun.  My top shelf denoiser prior to Redunoise was Virtos who apparantly are out of the business (still selling the plugins but no updates to keep up with the times).

If you ask a couple of questions and they are successfully answered perhaps that would be included in a future manual update.  It helps to get a fresh set of eyes on something like this.

As far as registering for the forum goes maybe that's the straw that broke the camels' back :)

Take care

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