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Well - this is common knowledge I'm sure - using Redunoise noise reduction system this way to remove nasty resonances from poorly recorded (or played) instruments.

Based on the fact that Redunoise 'lowers the noise floor' to control noise and does it using narrow band expansion (I assume, probably with the same resolution or greater than Soniformer) what we have here is your basic multi-band downward expander.  In the case of Redunoise it is a great many bands (is it possible to say how many?  And how many maximum points can I add?  Greater than 60 from what I see so far).

Why use Redunoise to remove a 250Hz acoustic guitar resonance?  I tried some other tools...When using EQ the combination of the bandwidth and amount of gain reduction necessary took out too much of the good sound.  Using a multi-band downward compressor prevented the resonance from getting any louder, past a certain threshold, but that annoying 'waaaoooo' was still there if a bit softer.  Then I remembered I had the perfect tool in the toolkit - Redunoise.

Redunoise allowed me to specifically focus on the 250Hz resonance by setting nodes around it in the spectrograph.  Once the note at that range rang out after it's initial attack and began to fade, instead of a long slow nasty resonant decay (that never seemsed to go away), Redunoise dropped the noise floor on it making the note and the resonance decay more normal.  Lucky for me!  There are 2 or 3 serious resonances like that I have to fix - good think I have the tool!

Thanks Aleksey - Redunoise is pretty powerful!

Hi Aleksey,

I was wondering if it would be possible to put a 'copy to' feature in like you have in Soniformer?

It would make the narrowband expander technique I mentioned above go pretty quick since it involves setting up a gain reduction curve to match threshold curve of resonances.  A copy would do that pretty quick with some additional minor tweaking (that would just mostly involve selecting all the gain nodes and dragging them down to a reasonable setting - maybe 20 to 30dB or so).  Then I can manually (or automate it) dial in or out as much resonance removal as you like with the DRY/MIX knob.

Thanks for considering this enhancement for some possible future release.

I'll consider adding this option.
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