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Hello, I'am working with Canopus Edition Video editor and try to repair a couple of audio files.

I use the Redunoise VST plug, it works fine but there is a big problem.

The audio part is delayed quite a bit from the video part.

The sound is perfect but delayed about 1 or 2 seconds

What to do?

The file is 44 Khz.


Jan van Eyk

You are getting such delay because Redunoise induces it in the course of processing.  Most modern hosts compensate this delay.  It seems that the program you are using does not.

By the way, does the host program you are using (Canopus) support VST plug-ins directly, or are you using a DX-VST adapter?

Thanks Aleksey for responding so rapidly to my question.

Yes, Canopus Edius 2.5 supports VST directly so not by means of a wrapper.

I also use FinalPlug VST plugin from WaveArts and that works realy fine.

Anyway, it's a pitty because I tested your software in another host, Audition 1.5 and there it worked fine but because that's only audio you don't see the problem of course.

I still miss a solution because a have some footage that's realy bad and after "healing"it with redunoise it sounded fantastic.

May be you heve a clever idea to help me?



Probably the only solution here is to process the file and shift it back.  If you want I can give you the exact number of seconds you need for shifting.

Would be very nice.



The latency is 33024 samples.

At 44.1kHz the delay is 0.749 sec

At 48.0kHz the delay is 0.688 sec

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