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Forums     Plugins     Redunoise Adobe Audition 1.5 w/VST support - fixes crashes ???

Hi Aleksey,

Good news I thing for Adobe Audition users (Cool Edit Pro).  They have finally decided to join the VST world according to their Audition 1.5 update.

I'm wondering if they have offered you an update for testing, or if you've had a chance to speak to them recently.  I take this move to VST to mean they want more openness, more customers, more communication so hopefully it's a good thing.

At any rate Redunoise is extremely fragile inside Cool Edit Pro 2.1 and Audition 1.0 - Audition crashes trying to save presets, you have to save a preset because Audition 'forgets' Redunoise settings between sessions...

I can get my work done but I have to do it all in one session otherwise I simply start from scratch at another time.

The single most important reason for using Redunoise in Adobe Audition is that I can automate their effects Rack and draw a single audtomation curve that varies the percentage of dry/wet for Redunoise.  The ultimate in Noise Reduction techniques I think.  Partly automatic (Redunoise settings), and partly manual (manually drawing wet/dry automation curves).  I'm not losing very much actual music at all this way. :)

Bottom Line - If you're getting a copy of Audition 1.5 I would upgrade to it then.  Otherwise I've had a whole lot of trouble using Cool Edit Pro/Audition and VST so I might pass and see how your Redunoise wet/dry update works.


I plan to update Redunoise in a month or so.  Redunoise 1.1 does not contain all the fixes I have implemented to the latest plug-ins so far.  I'll implement the 'mix' option you were talking about.  I think that's the only really useful parameter you can automate.

Thanx - you are exactly right IMO ! :)

It took be a little time with experiments to figure this out.

This will be the bees knees as I will be able to use it in Sonar3 then.

Note - Audition 1.5 (with VST support now) does not seem to forget Redunoise settings anymore - very good !  I just updated to the latest version and will be watching my zillion VST plugs very carefully.

This is a big switch for Audition, the legacy version - Cool Edit Pro ignored the issue of VST support so this is a step in the right direction coming from Adobe.

OK, nice to know!

I'm currently working on Redunoise update.  Beside mix parameter and automation I'm going to add a new filtering mode (linear-phase).

Thanks Aleksey - that sounds great !
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