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Hi Aleksey,

Do you suppose you could allow automation of the reduction parameter please ?  That would help me get maximum noise reduction when there is noise as well as turning noise reduction down (or off) when there isn't noise - or when the music is louder than the noise.

Right now I guess there might be complications trying to do that since the parameters are composed of nodes or points but there must be a way to do it.  I think it would be a valuable addition.

Thank you,


How do you see this parameter should work?  Should it affect the magnitude of the reduction curve?  Or maybe its better to make a threshold modifier parameter which moves the threshold curve up and down (virtually).

OK then - maybe you're thinking of a type of amplificate/attenuate control like CurveEQ has - yes that would do the trick.

Right now I'm primarily thinking in terms of the reduction curve.

I thought it might be cleaner and sound smoother since my reduction curves tend to have just a few points anyway.  But I don't have a good reason for one over the other - I'd be willing to try out either one !

Thanks !


On another note - I have also noticed that if I attenuate the noise of the SIDE (m/s) individually I can fine tune the reduction even more since the hi-mid and treble hiss has a greater opportunity to live there because the slope of the SIDE curve (DC at around 100Hz - slope about 4dB/octave) has a lot of highs in it.

I remember thinking that threshold automation might cause breathing at certain points where the music varies in amplitude a lot...maybe causing me to have to draw a more complicated automation curve...

I'm just guessing though with Redunoise - that's what happened when I automated the threshold of another single band expander.

OK, I'll plan to experiment with various approaches.

Thank You - I'm sure what you come up with will be just fine ! :)

OK - here's something interesting from my perspective.

I've just tried my NR technique using the Cool Edit Pro 2.2 effects rack which has a mix knob that's automatable.

I did a noise learn in Redunoise, set a couple of params most notably reduction to 100dB (note: setting reduction this high on any NR will kill the good audio for sure normally).  Now using the FX mix automation curve I can bring in as much or as little NR as I need for any passage in the music.  It's all a very quick process.

So I guess what I'n saying is that once I've got all the params set the way I like them automating the 'mix' (if Redunoise had such a knob) knob is pretty cool.  In Cool Edit Pro there doesn't seem to be any latency delays between the mix and dry side so I guess that's been handled somehow.

You've probably already thought of the mix knob anyway.

Here's another fun thought, hehe.

Would it do any good to put a type of envelope follower in that would more or less 'modulate' or 'bias' the threshold based on content.

Maybe that's kind of what 'Trans Band' and 'History' do already but maybe 'envelope follower' would allow a greater control of the noise floor when there is a large delta between soft and loud passages.

Envelope Follower is kind of something along the lines of automating the threshold parameter I suppose.  I guess automating a 'mix' knob would be about the same as I mentioned earlier.  I was just thinking about some of the controls that work well in your other plugins.  Seems right now I think I'd put an automatable 'mix' knob at the top of the list.

Fun with gain (oops I mean Noise) reduction :)

Automatic noise floor esitmation is a field I still researching..  I've tried to make something, but it's not really an easy task to do.


Could you please tell me more or where to find: "Cool Edit Pro 2.2 effects rack which has a mix knob that's automatable".

I am new to noise reduction techniques and I am tryng various softwares, until I read your post.

All the best,


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